Deere 2018 Spring Retail Bonus

Spring will be here before you know it!

Call or stop in today and save!


I've seen some pretty "Snowless" winters but I've never seen a "Grassless" summers. . . This is a BIG DEAL with the LOWEST prices of the year. Pocket your $500.00 savings. Maybe add an attachment. Take your new tractor home, have it delivered, or we'll store it till spring!

Used John Deere 5101 EN Utility Tractor

105 Hours . . . Model Year 2015

Deere 5101 EN



John Deere X750 Garden Tractor

We had a customer that needed a new tractor to attach to his current Cyclone Rake. . . He made a fine choice!

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Interesting Setups

Ever wonder if a new Deere Mauser Cab that's specifically sold to fit a 1025R could fit a Deere 1023E? It Can! We completed the process of installing the Mauser Cab on a 2 yr. old 1023E for a customer. This cab is suggested to be a drop-on cab for a Deere 1025R. For the "23E" we had to purchase the top cab lights. (On the "25R" those lights are moved from the fenders to this new location). we also had to install a T-Fitting in the radiator hose for cab heat. . . . It's a wonderful cab! . . The customer was very happy.

  • Full glass doors for maximum operator visibility
    - Sealed for cold weather operation
    - Easily removable for Summer operation (no tooling required)
  • No additional sealing required
  • Windshield and rear window fully openable with gas struts
  • Dual outside mirrors
  • Rubber isolators on all mounting points
  • Noise reducing material included for highest operator comfort
  • Molded ABS roof
  • Molded roof insert including heater and fan as well as switch console for electronics
  • Front sun visor, interior light and coat hook included
  • Fuel tank opening on outside of the cab


John Deere X739 Tractor Package

We just completed the installation of a John Deere Heated Cab on a new X739 Tractor. The package also includes a 54" Front Broom and a 54" Snow Blower. With "4-Wheel-Drive" and "4-Wheel-Steer" you could call this a Municipal Sidewalk Specialist.